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Medical Advances Target Down Syndrome 
Are you the parent of an infant/child, diagnosed with "Down Syndrome" Mongoloidism who is at least six months old but not yet six years old?

As of July 1st, 2007, if you deliver a Down Syndrome baby thereafter, or if you have one now, not yet six years old, I want to hear from you, now! 

Medical advances are such that the end of Down Syndrome  is imminent. 

If you were not told prenatally of:
(a) the likelihood of delivering a Down Syndrome baby and/or
(b) your statutory right to terminate the pregnancy, the negligent health care provider may be responsible for caring for this Down Syndrome child for his or her lifetime.

Know Your Rights:
1. Was the mother offered first trimester and/or second trimester screening for genetic defects?

2. If you answered yes, and nonetheless you are the parent of a Down Syndrome child, he/she and the mother may have a right to substantial compensation. 

If the mother was not offered first trimester or second trimester screening for Down Syndrome, or not advised of her right to terminate pregnancy to avoid the birth of a Down Syndrome baby, there very probably was a breech of acceptable medical standards.                                                    
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