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Disorders Detectable by Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS)
Down Syndrome

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Your physician should have been taking a vital role in helping you monitor your pregnancy.

A variety of tests are available today to  detect in utero developmental problems and birth defects, and help mothers-to-be avoid them.

These tests include genetic analysis, several varieties of blood tests, ultrasound and fetal heart monitoring.

Some tests are not without some risk to the expectant mother and/or her fetus,  but the doctor providing  your prenatal care should have been ready and able to offer necessary tests and explain precisely why they were needed.

Tests can reveal serious defects such as Down syndrome, malformations of the limbs or genetic diseases. No test can guarantee a perfectly healthy baby, but as an expectant mother you should have been made aware of potential problems in time to make choices in order to meet a potential special challenge, or whether to carry the baby to term.

If the preceding scenario does not fit your pregnancy, and your baby was born with serious problems that you believe should have been avoided with proper up-to-date tests, consider contacting Mr. Nathaniel J. Friedman, a specialist in fetal and newborn defects.

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